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Support Services Division

Commander Tom Cordova
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To support the primary mission of the police department, Field Operations, the Dixon Police Department operates the Support Services Division. This division includes ancillary but critical components including Investigations, Property & Evidence, Records, Code Enforcement, Terrorism Liaison Officers, and Community Service Officers.

In 2017 the police department experienced a dramatic technical update of our systems and processes. A city-wide initiative to improve the use of technology was spearheaded by the police department, where we fully embraced a rapid adoption of solutions to eliminate archaic, paper-based processes.

Among the most notable innovations in 2017 was the adoption of a new Records Management System (RMS), the primary record keeping repository of police reports. While we start 2017 using paper-based police reports, we ended with a new, cloud-based RMS which allows an entirely digital reporting system. Everything from crime reports to evidence tracking to detective follow-up is now stored electronically, is instantly searchable and has limitless storage capacity. This allows for greater accountability in tracking progress in cases, monitoring and disposing of property and evidence which is no longer needed, and providing digital transmission of information to the district attorney and other allied agencies.

The Records Section also began the digitization of old paper-based reports, integrating what was once stored in a file folder into a searchable, retrievable document management system.