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Brooke Autry, Community Service Officer

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General Information
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Fax: 707-678-0954
Emergencies: Dial 911
201 West A St

Monday - Friday
9:00am - 4:00pm

Property and Evidence

Our Property & Evidence Section is staffed by dedicated Community Service Officers who have special training in the processing and handling of items coming into the department. When officers seize evidence on the street, detectives recover evidence at a crime scene, or staff locates found property, these staff members sort and store them.

Property & Evidence technicians use the new evidence module in our RMS to track the location and disposition of every piece of property that comes into the police department.

They process drugs and physical evidence, produce evidentiary discovery for trail, and dispose of items no longer needed by the department. There are thousands of pieces of property in police custody.

In 2017, the police department began an ambitious project to purge items from inventory not needed for prosecution. A backlog spanning years existed which required a serious effort to address. Staff worked through 2017 to make substantial inroads in modernizing the evidence tracking system and purging old items from inventory. These efforts will continue into 2018.