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Animal Control

Chapter four of the Solano County Code addresses animals and fowl. Section 4-13 (b) states, “No person owning, having an interest in, harboring, or having charge, care, control, custody, or possession of any animal shall cause or permit such animal to be at large in or upon any public street, road, alley, or other public place or in or upon any unenclosed lot or premises, unless such animal is under restraint by leash, lead, or chain, or at “heel” beside a competent person or obedient to that person's command, or confined.”

Since 1997, when the City of Dixon entered into a Joint Powers Authority agreement with Solano County Animal Services, violations of the leash law and other sections of chapter four have been enforced through the Humane Animal Services (HAS).

Humane Animal Services

HAS is a nonprofit organization contracted by some of the Solano County cities to be their official animal control agency. The organization consists of a sworn director, five officers, and a secretary / dispatcher.

The officers are highly trained, meeting state humane officer standards, police officer standards, and training certification. HAS is available to assist in a variety of animal related situations, including nuisance, dangerous, city wildlife problems, strays, and more. If there are problems or questions beyond the scope of HAS, the staff will connect you with the appropriate local, county, state, or independent resource.


The duties of HAS officers include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Enforce state, county, and city laws pertaining to animals within city limits
  • Impound stray, abandoned, dangerous, and unruly animals pursuant to city laws
  • Promote responsible pet ownership for care compliance and liability
  • Protect animals from abuse and neglect or other forms of mistreatment
  • Protect the community and private property from damage caused by unruly animals
  • Seek emergency medical treatment for sick or injured stray animals
  • Work with the community to resolve issues involving animals, pet owners, and neighbors of pet owners